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VIDEO. “Dr. Miami”, the cosmetic surgeon who shares his operations live on Snapchat

“Hello, welcome to the block! I hope you have a good Thursday. We have a breast lift with implants, which I will show today.” On the east coast of the United States, “Dr. Miami” shares all of his operations with his community. His medical assistant turned into a smartphone assistant to broadcast live videos. It even answers all questions from the public in real time (sometimes unrelated to the operation).

Here, cosmetic surgery has become a spectacle to watch live on Snapchat. On the favorite social network of young people, 2 million follow “Miami”.

His interventions filmed in great detail are seen by 2 million fans

The surgeon, who is also a star of TV shows, surfs on the public's taste for series like Grey's Anatomy or Emergencies, except that shows him everything, even the crudest details. Her extreme videos made her success: we come from all over the country to have an operation, after having waited up to two years on the waiting list!

On the pool table that day for the “breast lift with implants” broadcast “live” on Snapchat, Cecilia, 23 years old. She traveled 2,000 kilometers for this $ 10,000 intervention, which Dr. Miami advises to renew every five years. “All Hollywood stars do it every year”, he assures her. The plastic surgeon also performs penis operations (the most watched on Snapchat), but this “great day” will continue with “Brazilian buttocks, liposuction, and more breasts”.

Extract of “From selfie to scalpel: young people addicted to surgery?”, a document to be seen in “Additional investigation” on February 6, 2020.

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