Wednesday , September 23 2020
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VIDEO. “I infiltrated a far-right movement which recruits young people on Fortnite”

Do you know who your kids are chatting with when they play Fortnite? In his survey entitled “The big ones replaced”, the journalist Paul Conge shows that far-right movements have taken over the famous game to use it as a recruitment tool.

“It is a question of educating young people and then taking them to discussion spaces. These are closed spaces which are accessed by invitation and on which these movements will disseminate their ideas and their propaganda,” says the journalist who itself has infiltrated these forums and messengers. He thus reports comments and screenshots whose content falls within the scope of the law.

Because young players can be involved in racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic conversations or maintaining conspiratorial ideologies such as that of the great replacement which would like a population of African origin to replace the so-called “French” population.

One of the objectives of these recruitments is also to constitute an auxiliary force in order to carry out “raids” and “astroturfing”, methods used on social networks in order to collectively attack a person or to a community, to also raise by force of number certain tweets and hashtags trending on Twitter.

In his survey, Paul Conge also shows how this new generation of the extreme right is waging a “war of influence and culture” in many other unexpected spheres such as tuning, coaching in seduction or personal development.

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