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VIDEO. Maturity, his role as father, stand-up… Norman Thavaud gives himself up

The spectacle of maturity. It is the name of Norman Thavaud's second and last show. “There is always a point in time when the artist releases something called the maturity thing so I absolutely wanted to do that“, he says. If the videographer sees a lot of second degree, he nevertheless considers that there is an element of truth:”Now I'm 32 years old, now I'm the father of a family, casually, it's weird to say that but it's the truth. “Norman Thavaud lost his mother when he was young. According to him, this disappearance created an” emotional lack “.”It’s true that becoming a dad also has a special resonance in my life“, he confides.

At the beginning of his success on Youtube, Norman remembers being obsessed with the videos he made. “I lived them too“he said. In addition to his family who turned the tide of things in his life, Norman also gave more importance to the stand-up in his work as an artist. On stage, the artist feels more free to express certain things. “For example, in my new show, at one point, I take a short break and say: “Good bah now, a joke on blacks” And everyone laughs because everyone is with me and understands this second degree we could have in life“, he explains. Indeed, on Youtube, his room for maneuver was much more restricted and controlled.It really feels good because I feel … I feel alive actually, I feel alive“breathes Norman.

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