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VIDEO. Photos, description… 5 tips for dating on dating apps

1Be clear about your intentions

Stable relationship or on the contrary less serious? For the sex journalist Queen Camille, the important thing is to assume her intentions. An honorable way to be honest with yourself while being honest with your interlocutor. It also saves you time.

2How to choose your photos

The face must be clearly visible! “Stop photos from afar, from behind, in a group, probably with an ex, with a person who has a smiley face”, advises Queen Camille.It's weird, stop doing that“, she says. According to her, it is important to show who we are in “real life”.

3Treat its description

To face the competition on dating apps, Queen Camille once again advises to be yourself. “And so the important thing is to put a catchphrase!“, believes the journalist.

4Stay elegant

Chat by message, easy? Not really. “It's not necessarily natural, especially with someone you don't know much“, Queen Camille believes. Also, we avoid overly frontal or aggressive questions.”I see a lot of aggressive catchphrases like, 'If you're not like this, give up' or 'If you're like this, get out of here'. No but actually be nice, be nice“, she smiles.

5Know how to stop

“ATattention to addiction “, laughs the journalist before adding: “We are looking for the thrill of the game perpetually and we don't really stop at people.

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