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VIDEO. Seb la Frite recounts his trip to West Papua

When you think of Papuans, I'm sure that if I ask people on the street, they say: 'Ah, it's the tribes who live in the forest, they eat larvae …

During his trip, the youtubeur distanced himself from the stereotypes associated with the Papuans according to whom they are a remote civilization. More and more Papuans live especially in cities. “School is compulsory in West Papua so families had to go down“explains Seb la Frite. If they keep their customs such as the use of plants to treat themselves, they are also used to new technologies.”When we went up with them to their village, they had a machete in their hands, a cell phone“, says the youtuber.

During this trip to the other side of the world, Seb la Frite was marked by the beauty of the landscapes and by the many remains thousands of years old that he encountered. However, even on the other side of the globe, the youtubeur found a plastic cup. “It's stuff where you are there, you say to yourself: 'It makes me want to get involved a little more'“, he says.

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