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VIDEO. Three tips to heal your reputation on the Internet

Before sending content, always remember that the person opposite will not necessarily keep the content for themselves. By the way, Malik Amghar recalls that it is an urban legend to believe that a photo posted on social networks no longer belongs to you. The image always belongs to you, the evening photo, etc., will always belong to you, however it becomes public“, explains Malik Amghar. Therefore, when the image is public, it can be reused by other” entities “.

If you have any doubts about the recipient to whom you wish to send this or that content, the easiest way is not to send it. “There is no one who requires you to post content“recalls Malik Amghar.

The first step is to first do some sort of audit of all your internet presence“, advises the entrepreneur in e-reputation. He recommends black and white listing the different platforms on which you are present.

Secondly, Malik Amghar suggests doing a simple Google search by indicating his first and last name. A way of “see almost everything on you in 'clear'“, he says.

Being discreet on social networks without totally unsubscribing is possible. To do this, start by cleaning up your content. Deleting the entire content of an account may seem “suspicious”: Malik Amghar therefore advises to remove any problematic publications first. “In general, you have 5-10% of potentially problematic content, so it would be silly to lose a bit of everything when most of your tweets are just about a movie that you enjoyed, an album that you enjoyed, etc. .“, notes the entrepreneur.

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