Saturday , September 19 2020

VIDEO. Tinder surprise

More and more couples are separating: France has changed, and in Paris, two out of three marriages are shattered. Blended families, new ways to divorce, or to seduce…

Today, the meeting is often done digitally: there are 2,500 applications, and one in three French adults says they have consulted one of these sites. How can you resist the temptation when the man or woman of your dreams is accessible in two clicks?

When love 2.0 becomes a nightmare

Did you know that some kings of flirting hire their services to flirt for you behind the screen? Ten percent of the profiles would be managed by virtual cruising assistants.

To tell the worst of love 2.0, journalist Nathalie Gros decided to play the game, and subscribe to Tinder for two months. Here is his investigation, republished in “Complément d'études” on April 9, 2020, on the dark side of the most used dating site in France. Between false profiles, harassment and assaults, online dating can also turn into a nightmare.

An investigation by Nathalie Gros to review in “Complément d'études” on April 9, 2020.

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