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VIDEO. “Yellow Vests”, the click machine of Facebook

Since the beginning of the movement, the number one yellow jackets tool: Facebook! To film live on the dams and circulate their news. “I collect information on the spot and on the internet and if they are validated by me, I am the only one to manage, I allow myself to publish“, Explains one of the protesters, creator of the page” yellow vest Var “. He has 9300 subscribers, like this other yellow vest: “I find people who think like me so I tell myself that I'm not the only one to find it [Macron] took us for a marble last night!“And groups of yellow vests on Facebook, there are many:”Angry France“,”November 17th blocking“,”yellow vests“Of all the departments … we have counted at least 300 and the group” official counter of yellow vests “alone has more than 2,700,000 members!

If this movement is so successful on Facebook, it would also be the new algorithm of the social network, according to Olivier Ertzscheid, teacher-researcher in information sciences and communication at the IUT of La Roche-sur-Yon. Users no longer see the priority of the major media posts but the publications of the Facebook groups to which they belong. “In as users, once we have liked once or once we went to these groups, we will be overexposed to the content of this type of group “. According to him, Facebook would not help to stop the movement. “As soon as the online mobilization begins to go out a bit, Facebook will try to blow on the embers to re-expose you to contents, to remind you that this movement exists, that there are always people who mobilize, that 'there are always active groups, to try to bring you back to interact always more, to produce the sound of like, comment and sharing because that's what makes Facebook stand “

This new algorithm was set up last January by Facebook, which recognizes giving priority now especially to publications of relatives and groups: ” The new algorithm puts more emphasis on the groups of which you are a member. We want to encourage people to have discussions, to create links“, We explain at Facebook France.

Facebook: a tool for yellow vests. Their anger: a click machine for the multinational.

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