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We are doing it. Should we wait until 2120 to reach gender parity in business?

Gender parity in business could take a long time, especially for managerial positions. Illustrative photo. (MAXPPP)

Delphine Rémy-Boutang is the founder of Digital Women's Day (April 21 at the Maison de la radio), which promotes the role of women in business, and in particular in the digital field.

franceinfo: Muriel Pénicaud, the Minister of Labor, has published the list of the least egalitarian companies, those whose performance in terms of gender equality is the least good. Do you think this is the right method?

Delphine Rémy-Boutang: I think it is important to show those who succeed in this transformation and those who do not succeed, to help them, and to go from saying to doing.

Not a single female CEO among the 60 largest French companies, how do you explain that?

In the same way that there is not a single woman in the 40 largest startups. Except Frichti and Julia Bijaoui. It's incredible. We cannot reach this parity without an accelerator. We saw what happened with Isabelle Kocher, the CEO of Engie, who was a symbol for all women (who was landed Editor's note). It's sad, it doesn't give a good picture of what female leadership can be. According to the World Economic Forum, parity in business would be achieved in 2120.

You have just launched a “2120 parity does not wait” campaign

It is to educate the general public, to say that if there is still International Women's Rights Day it is because we are not at all in equal rights, and what we demands and what we propose is to be alongside men who, until now, are in key positions, positions of power. However, digital is the new power, and today in this sector which represents the future, we are still in this inequality.

And more and more, there are fewer and fewer women in the digital world..

Absolutely. 85% of the trades of 2030 do not yet exist. It is a great opportunity for women to reinvent themselves. On the other hand, all trades at risk of robotization are trades carried by women, like the profession of cashier for example. We have to help these women. We need them in digital. We need women to be at the helm of this new power, artificial intelligence, cyber security, etc. Not just in tech companies, but across all industries.

Companies are not responsible for the fact that young girls engage little in scientific studies, and in particular in the engineering fields

You don't have to be an engineer to work in IT. There are many new trades where you don't have to be good at math. We just need to be creative.

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