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“We must restore the fear of the gendarme” according to Cédric O

“Someone from whom we don't know where he comes from or who he really serves, succeeded in three days in shaking up one of the most important municipal elections in France”, Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O said Monday February 17 on Franceinfo. He was reacting to Benjamin Griveaux's withdrawal Friday from the race for mayor of Paris after the dissemination of private sex videos on the Internet. “This should make us reflect both on the way our democracy works, and then on the rule of law because we cannot continue like this”.

These actions hurt and these actions kill.

Regarding the fight against this kind of practices, “we must restore the fear of the gendarme” said Cédric O. “We don't take this reflection because there is the Benjamin Griveaux affair, it is the umpteenth affair after the Mila affair, the Noisiel affair, after what we have seen with pedophile predation on the internet or cyberbullying. Today there is virtual impunity online. “

The Secretary of State for Digital returned to the judicial aspect of these files. “We must make sure before even changing the law, to apply it, because our justice and the way therefore works our police-justice chain has not adapted to this digital world, its virality and its mass . That's what we have to think about. We have to update our court processes, and the law has to apply. “, added Cédric O.

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