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“We saw a pharmacist who offered homeopathy to prevent Covid-19”, the gendarmes faced with drug scams

Scams of the fake drug or the alleged remedy against the coronavirus abound currently, especially on the internet.

Fake medicines, fake vaccines and even false tests have been flooding the internet since the start of the health crisis. Covid-19. Lhe investigators from the Central Office for Combating Environmental and Public Health Damage (OCLAESP) are closely monitoring these scams. Internet sites also offer chloroquine, at one euro per unit, on average. The Internet is the place to sell drugs illegally and the health crisis we are experiencing is making things a little faster“, notes theColonel Ludovic Erhart, Deputy Head of theOCLAESP.

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The investigators noticed, through their investigations, that the scammers propose “either Chloroquine – but is it chloroquine? – or substances which, when assembled, can give chloroquine“, details Colonel Ludovic Erhart who points out the danger for the populations which could succumb to this temptation.

Another drug scam occurred in a pharmacy in the south of France. “We saw a pharmacist who offered homeopathy as a prevention or even a cure against Covid-19, it leaves you speechless“, comments Ludovic Erhart. The pharmacist would sold several hundred doses concocted by him and which he had called “epidemic 19”. He will be tried at the end of June.

Another fear of the gendarmes: the appearance of fake vaccines for sale, again on the internet that could encourage people to vaccinate themselves with dangerous products. In general, it is especially important not to buy drugs on the internet, insist the police. In early April, they obtained the closure of 70 sites which all claimed to sell chloroquine.

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