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“We were seduced by interposed screens”, the dredge at the time of confinement

A love message to a window of a building in Rennes, in March. DAMIEN MEYER / AFP

Married [tous les prénoms ont été modifiés], 36, an executive in finance, met Claire three years ago, in an association. Thanks to simultaneous ruptures, they got closer. “We saw each other several times and in early March, we had a great evening together. We had planned twelve billion things to meet again… ”, remembers Marie.

With confinement, everything could have fallen, but over the course of WhatsApp discussions and Skype aperitifs, everything has changed. “One evening, we talked for eight hours straight … We were seduced by interposed screens, it was both crazy and super beautiful. “

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Marie and Claire are not alone in their case. “Singles are the big losers in this period of social distancing”, points out Dr Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, sexologist. A delicate phase which requires “Completely review its operating mode if we want to continue to attract”.

A time that escapes us

If in normal times, lovebirds are in control of time, “Here, this dimension completely escapes them. What can be disturbing, especially for those who are used to seducing through gestures or invitations. People who are comfortable with the verb and creative people will do better. “, continues the doctor.

Lou, who is learning virtual seduction with Sacha, crossed in a bar, is one of them. “Usually, we would have gone for drinks, we would have spent other nights together, there we would share recipes, cooking photos of the Moon, and even selfies! “

The impossibility of the meeting also feeds the fantasies. Since she fired her boyfriend, Julia has had a torrid correspondence with an ex-lover. Together, they put together scenarios where he comes to deliver it, spiced up with sexual GIFs and nude photos, “Soft”. The Benjamin Griveaux affair is still in everyone's mind …

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But when you're not lucky enough to have a well-stocked address book, the Internet remains the main playground. Dov, 55, used to flirting on the street, has fallen back on the platform Badoo. Freshly separated, Erik, 47, is him “Surrendered” on Tinder, where he felt a need on the part of some “To let go”. “A woman sent me pictures of her pierced with needles, another wanted a child. The funniest one was the one who wanted to sleep at my house because she had yelled at with her girlfriend “, he relates.

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