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“We will do it in 2019 in France” lack of European agreement, says Bruno Le Maire

The anger of the “yellow vests” growls. What steps is the government prepared to take to promote tax justice? “The money is in the digital giants, who make considerable profits thanks to French consumers, thanks to the French market, and who pay 14 tax points less than other companies “, prevails Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, on the set of “4 Truths” of France 2, Thursday, December 6.

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 5, an agreement was reached for a GAFA tax with conditions. “We will do it in 2019 at the national level, we will tax the digital giants if the European states do not take their responsibilities and do not impose – what seems to me preferable – a taxation of the digital giants”, says Bruno Mayor indicating that he gives himself “until March to get a European tax”.

“We have reason to fear a very great violence”said the Elysee about the mobilization of “yellow vests” to be held Saturday, December 8. Does this reflect a kind of feverishness at the top of the state? “It does not reflect a sense of responsibility, we saw a lot of violence last week, in Paris but also in many provincial cities, and we do not want to relive that, and I believe that everyone must take responsibility”, points out Bruno Le Maire.

The statesman calls “all those who have a voice that carries in France, whether they are entrepreneurs, union officials, party leaders, political leaders” at “to speak to call for appeasement”. Is it still time to relieve the pressure on Saturday? “I believe that all necessary actions have been done by the Prime Minister and by the government”, explains Bruno Le Maire, adding that “The fuel tax is abolished and (that) there will be no new fuel taxes in 2019”. Last night Wednesday, December 5, the Elysee announced that the increase in the carbon tax would be removed for 2019.

For the minister, what is important now, “it is the appeasement, it is to find the way of the dialogue, it is to discuss all the problems which were raised during the crisis which is not only a social crisis […]but it is also a democratic crisis, a crisis of representation […], and it is also a crisis of the French nation “.

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