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“We will simply attack the French state in court for inaction in the face of climate change”


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The French state will be subject to legal action for insufficient action against global warming. This was announced by several NGOs complainants, who sent Monday, December 17, a preliminary document to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and the government. The associations are supported in this sense by several personalities including Juliette Binoche or Marion Cotillard.

Max Bird, videographer and comedian deplores the fact that policies are “crushed by lobbyist pressure.“He also points”the financial interests of large groups“Indeed, many scientists say that it is still possible to act, and yet:”We see that every time governments come together to make decisions, there are only small steps that are made, there are no concrete measures to really protect everyone.“, laments Max Bird.

According to the youtubeur, it is necessary to put the policies “in front of their responsibilities.“He advocates a”environmental law“with a jurisprudence that is then able to preserve our planet.”It is necessary to establish in the Constitution, it is necessary to establish in writings, in texts, in law, the fact that the planet must be preserved, that it is the role of the State“, insists the videographer.It is the responsibility of the state to protect us. And for the moment we have to admit that the state does not do it.

Recently, a hundred video artists and artists have challenged their subscribers to raise their awareness of ecology with the hashtag # OnestPrêt. “We have proved and people have proved that they are ready to change their habits, that they are already making efforts, that they are questioning the way they consume, move, consume energy …“, welcomes Max Bird.

Finally, the actor refers to other countries that take similar initiatives or even manage to play their part in the ecological transition. This is already the case for Sweden which has just achieved its energy transition with 12 years in advance. For Max Bird, “all countries are responsible, France has its share of responsibility, we must be able to show the example. “

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