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what does it change for you?

The Élan law on the evolution of housing, development and digital technology came into effect at the end of November 2018. (GETTY IMAGES)

Charlie Cailloux, a lawyer for the property website, today specifies what provides for individuals this new law Elan, entered into force Sunday, November 25, the law on the evolution of housing, planning and digital.

An enormous text by its size

Originally, the project had 65 articles. After the parliamentary debate, the law has more than 230 and this is the reason why the Constitutional Council has partially censored it. He considered that the parliamentarians had added too much to the initial version.

What remains of this law Elk?

Obviously we can not deal with everything here, we will talk about the measures that concern landlords and tenants. The most controversial measure is undoubtedly the return of rent control. You may remember that rent ceilings were applied in Paris and Lille before the measure was annulled by the administrative court exactly one year ago.

The Elan law once again allows towns in tense areas to set rent ceilings, and this time donors will be fined 5,000 euros if they do not comply with the ceilings. Paris should be the first city to return the ceiling of rent in saddle.

We are also talking about a new lease?

Yes, it's the mobility lease, we've talked about it here a few weeks ago. It is a lease for the benefit of people who are in professional mobility, studies, internships or who are transferred for example. The main difference with conventional leases is that it can be signed for a short time, between 1 and 10 months.

The landlord can not ask for a security deposit but is guaranteed against unpaid rent and damage by the Visale guarantee, that is to say Action Logement.

Another controversial measure: the reduction of accessibility standards for people with disabilities?

Yes, until now, housing that came out of the ground should all be accessible, the law Elan now allows to have only 20% of housing available in a new building. The 80% can only be scalable, that is to say become accessible after simple work. The idea is to simplify construction and thus reduce costs. Disabled associations have obviously denounced this decline.

Tourist rentals: the law Elan tighten the screw again?

Yes exactly ! In more and more cities, like Paris or Nice, tourist rentals are very framed. You must at least declare these rentals at the town hall and it will cost you now 5.000 euros if you do not. I remind you that if you dedicate an accommodation only to tourist rental, you must obtain a change of use otherwise the fine is 50,000 euros.

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