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Whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempted suicide

Chelsea Manning in Alexandria, Virginia, in May 2019. ERIC BARADAT / AFP

American whistleblower Chelsea Manning attempted suicide Wednesday, March 11, two days before a hearing on her refusal last year in the United States to testify before a grand jury in an investigation on WikiLeaks, revealed its support group.

Care at the Alexandria, Virginia detention center, where she has been detained since May, “She was taken to the hospital and is currently recovering”, said the Sparrow Project, a press and communications agency, quoted by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The former military analyst “Must always appear” Virginia state court judge on Friday charged with obstructing justice, US daily said The New York Times and his legal team.

Do not deny your principles

Chelsea Manning, 32, was imprisoned in March 2019 for “Hindering the smooth running of justice”, after refusing to answer questions about the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, to whom she had transmitted in 2010 a mass of confidential documents. She was briefly released in May 2019 for technical reasons, before being imprisoned again a few days later.

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The whistleblower remains today “Very firmly decided” not to participate in this procedure, “Very susceptible”, she said, to lead to abuse, her support group said. “Mme Manning said earlier that she would not renege on her principles, even if it were to cause her serious harm. “, insisted the Sparrow Project.

Chelsea Manning has already spent seven years in detention for transmitting in 2010 – when she was an analyst and a soldier in the US Army – more than 750,000 US diplomatic and military documents to WikiLeaks. She had been sentenced for these acts in 2013 to thirty-five years in prison by a court martial, but her sentence had been commuted by President Barack Obama. In addition, LGBT + rights activist and icon of transgender people, she was initially released in 2017.

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