Friday , July 3 2020
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You couldn't miss it. There's a world out there

Screenshot of the “the_happy_broadcast” instagram account. (SCREENSHOT / INSTAGRAM)

There is a world out there that is doing well, and that is good news. Especially for all those who are fed up and who impatiently await the holidays on Friday. Phew, that this straight line was hard, it is there the end of the tunnel. For all those who do not have their train this weekend and who are still looking for a plan B, C, or even a plan D. For all the others this Tuesday morning, here are “good vibes” as they say, to keep . On the Instagram social network, there is a man, an Italian illustrator, who only lists positive news.

On its page, which is updated daily as an information channel, you can for example learn that in Sweden, blood donors receive text messages when their blood has saved a life, and this is a world that will well. We also learn that in the Netherlands, that “you you my roof” is for bees. There, we have created roof gardens this year for bus stops. The goal is to offer a new refuge for foraging.

A world that is also going well in Italy, since next year, the study of global warming and sustainable development will be compulsory in public schools with thirty-three hours of dedicated lessons. It's a first. Thanks also to Iceland: for almost two years, and you may not know it, equal pay for women and men has been compulsory. It is a law passed in parliament.

A world that is also going well in South Korea: day clubs are a hit. Afternoon evenings fever, they are reserved for people over 65 years old. For them, disco parties between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. And then, on this Instagram page called tea_Happy_broadcast, we also learn that in Japan one of the largest daily newspapers in the country is planted. But that is also a world that is going well since it literally plants itself: there are seeds inside. After reading it, you put it in a jar with a little water. A few weeks later, it will bloom, because the info, sometimes it smells good, it's sweet and it's pretty.

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