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“You don't look like that much” …

“Blond, blue eyes, 1.90 meters, salsa teacher in Paris”, an advantageous photo portrait … Would Prince Charming himself be on Tinder, the most popular dating application in France? In this extract from a report of “Complément d'Enquête” reposted on April 9, 2020, the journalist Nathalie Gros accepted an appointment, which she films in hidden camera.

After two hours of waiting, what is finally there, is the surprise. A tall brown in a white T-shirt: Eric does not look (at all) to his Tinder profile. Bottle of vodka in hand, the man does not hide his intentions. “Do you want us to go to your place?” The journalist curbs him: “I prefer that we discuss a little, quiet, we ask ourselves …”

The investigation continues at the local cafe. “I find that … you don't look very much in this photo, advances the young woman, by comparing her vis-à-vis to her Tinder profile. I tell myself that if I meet a guy on Tinder who hasn't put his photos to him, it's shady … Is it you or not? “ Its “date”, which finds it “stressed”, advise him to “relax”.

“Fakes” or false profiles, there would be thousands on Tinder

“It's not me in the photo, he will admit without complex. I do not like my head in photo, I prefer to put that head. I found it on the internet, I don't care. You do not want me ? But there are 50 who want me, 200, 2,000 … You click, there are 2,000 likes per minute, he boasts. You like it, you don't like it, it's like that … it's life these days. ”

But his meeting of the day did not “don't want to play with these rules of the game”. The journalist disappears, not without having been cataloged “beautiful but boring”. “Fakes” or false profiles like Eric, there would be thousands on Tinder.

Extract from “Tinder surprise”, a report re-broadcast in “Further investigation” April 9, 2020.

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