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YouTube to cut worldwide

The YouTube video platform, owned by Google, had already deliberately degraded the quality automatically offered when a video is launched by a user in Europe. This in order to reduce the consumption of bandwidth generated by its service, in full containment period to fight against the Covid-19.

YouTube has decided to go further: these measures will affect the whole world, for a month – and therefore also the United States, where the pandemic is now progressing very quickly. The information, originally published in the agency Bloomberg, has been confirmed at World Wednesday March 25 by Google.

480 pixels

Concretely, according to our findings in France this Wednesday, YouTube always automatically offers the best possible image definition based on the quality of your Internet connection. In the coming days, this definition will by default be limited to 480 pixels, which corresponds to a standard quality: high definition (720p, 1080p, etc.) will still be available, but must be chosen manually. YouTube says that the move to a default 480p definition began rolling out on Tuesday, March 24, but it will take several days for it to take effect in all countries.

In recent days, most of the major Internet players have announced that they will reduce their speed to avoid congestion on the Internet, even if it is still responsible for it: from Facebook to Netflix, via Amazon Prime Video, TikTokSony, Twitch or again Apple TV. On Tuesday March 24, Sony also joined the movement, announcing a reduced speed in Europe for online services in the PlayStation 4 environment (especially for downloading games). In their case, these measures currently only concern Europe.

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