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Zoom apologizes for flaws and recruits one of the best experts

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan apologized to users of the video conferencing application on April 8 for several computer security concerns that affected the software, which has been used since the start of containment worldwide. In the two-hour speech, Mr. Yuan admitted to having “A lot of work to keep everyone safe [les] new users ». “But I can promise you that we take these matters extremely seriously. We will study them all and if we discover a problem, we will recognize it publicly and we will correct it ”, he added.

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The application was notably criticized for having transmitted encryption keys through servers located in China, a practice strongly discouraged for conversation tools used for confidential discussions. This problem, which only arose in one “Very small number of cases” according to Mr. Yuan, was corrected at the end of last week. Some large companies, including Google, have banned their employees in recent days from using Zoom.

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The company also announced the hiring as a consultant for Alex Stamos, the former Facebook security chief, who is considered one of the best specialists in the industry.

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