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zoom on digital pollution


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Are you living near a polluted site?
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Five years ago, computer and internet activity polluted as much as all air transport. In a few years in 2025, it will be as much as global road transport. Energy consumption is the hidden face of the digital world. Today, the internet consumes 10% of the world's energy. One-third of this energy is absorbed by computers, one-third by networks, and one-third by servers that store data. There are a hundred of these servers in France.

In a laboratory in Lyon, the researchers' mission is to find a solution to reduce energy consumption. Thanks to a unique machine in the world, they can directly control the activity of the servers. Thus, one can easily reduce the consumption, by modifying the software of management of the waiters. A gain of 40% of electricity.

The other major consumer of energy is the network and its thousands of kilometers of cables that connect us to the servers. They could be managed more efficiently. To go further, these INRIA researchers have developed the Internet of the future, Green Touch, which consumes 1,000 times less energy. For its development, it would require changing equipment, an effort that the industry is not yet ready to achieve.

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